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“ Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”-James 5:16

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For more Daily Devotion, click the picture above!

As Christians and in the eyes of God, we are upheld to be the most perfect versions of ourselves. Through blind faith, Christians must have unconditional desire to find God and our brothers and sisters and through this, can we truly stand as a shepherd of God’s flock. But as ordinary people, we fall. We tend to stray from God’s love and grace as we fall into our selfish needs and fall into temptation that may give us pleasure and comfort, but ultimately leads us to drift away from Christ.

Our emotions and desires tend to win us over. Why do we accuse and hate for all the wrong reasons? Why is it easier to judge more than to love? Furthermore, we are quick to judge the actions of others and condemn them when we cannot even accept our own actions and faults. We ignore the genuine aspects of what makes someone human and in doing so, lose our own humanity, eventually losing the right to call ourselves a dedicated Christian. We call ourselves a true follower, a disciple, yet, if we continue down this deceiving path, we will eventually, blindly walk further away from God’s unfailing love.

However, these actions do not forfeit us from God’s love. There will always be a chance of redemption. In James 5:16, the verse focuses on accepting your wrongdoings. The definition of prayer is simple: prayer is communicating with God. Whether you pray by talking or some other mode of communication, God most enjoys the prayer that is natural, direct and simple. An honest, authentic prayer. Let us repent, love, praise, and glorify Him together. So how does this verse reflect our lives? Before any type of answer, another question remains: are you willing to challenge yourself and fight the war? If you ever need help, Living Elements is ready to listen, pray, or talk with at any moment.

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