A New Way to Non-Profit


As a group with experience in the non-profit world, we quickly realized we had a lot to learn. This understanding lead us to step one, developing relationships with mission aligned community organizations and seeking partnerships. These partnerships have been crucial to shaping our business plan. What we believe we’ve come up with, is a new way to non-profit.

We saw first hand, the all to common results, of working in an industry where an absence of funding is a daily struggle. This struggle can leave organizations unable to complete their programming, build their brands and connect with the community. Leaving them exhausted and communities without critically necessary support. This realization left us asking, how do we fix this?

Looking at the industry as a whole, we believe we have come up with a solution. Technology. As a living, breathing eco-system that supports both sides of the equation. This critical thinking has lead us to our mission. Connecting social and non-profit programs, people, and communities through technology.

We look forward to sharing this journey and send our heartfelt thanks to our community partners.

Dawn McCloudComment