Our Mission:

Connecting Social and Non-Profit Programs with People, Businesses and Communities Through Technology.


Living Elements Foundation

Living Elements is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide an eco-system platform that connects communities, volunteers and the private sector with the non-profit sector and its programs. 

Our platform will connect those who want to learn with the right program, those who want to teach with others looking to learn, those that want to help with the programs that need you the most.

Living Elements is Dedicated to Using Technology as a Bridge for Positive Social Impact.

Programs We Stand Behind


Living Elements Verified Programs go through a in-person, on the ground audit. Our verification process is a crucial step prior to any program being recommended to our community. We strive to provide our community members with the confidence to make a choice that works best for them.


Youth Programs & Services

Job Training & Internship Opportunities

Domestic Violence & Abuse

Crisis - Housing, Food and Clothing

Human Trafficking

Social Justice and Reentry Programs

Veteran Services & Care


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Our Story


Living Elements was founded in 2018 by a diverse team of academics, researchers, entrepreneurs, and involved community members with a shared passion for education. After many years working together in the community, we decided to pool together our shared experiences and resources to make something greater than the sum of the parts. We dream of a world where individuals in any community can access education and enter the workforce with unique skills despite financial or social barriers.

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Our Impact


Our impact depends on partner success. Our partners are community organizations, non-profits, schools, businesses and individuals that have proven themselves as leaders in their roles. We support our partners through a variety of services based on the need of each individual organization.

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